Beer Review: Moa NZ Gold Ale

IMG_0025_cropNow that we have won a gold medal I can post this review. Moa have brewed a beer especially for the Olympics as they are a supporter of the New Zealand Olympic team. The bottle is nicely done with the new Moa label and a cork top, which makes it look fancy and worthy of the special reserve title. The writing is in raised relief silver and the general design is in a flat gold, and both are shiny. To top it off it even has the official Olympic logo, which is quite cool.

Now on to the beer itself.The nose is fruity with the distinct smell of tropical fruits like pineapple and mango. This also gives it a slightly sweet smell as well. The taste is crisp, malty, and hoppy, but all the while maintaining a lightness in the beer and well balanced flavors. The finish is crisp and dry with a note of wheat as well.

The team at Moa wanted to deliver a light beer that could be enjoyed while eating hot chips and celebrating an Olympic gold, and this certainly fits the bill for that. This beer has a limited run and is currently only at or through (online) Countdown supermarkets and a few bars around the place, although we may see it in a few more places if sales are slow. I can’t see sales being slow based on the quality of the beer, but it may be based on the distribution of it. Like our team at the Olympics, Moa have delivered quality over quantity.

Who: Moa Brewing Company, New Zealand

What: Golden Ale

Nose: Fruity, tropical fruits, sweet

Look: Clear gold

Taste: Crisp, malty, hoppy

Finish: Dry, crisp, wheat

Form tried: 375ml bottle

Official page


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